Zoom Ikebana Dojo is very excited to welcome Dr Inoue, Associate Professor, Kyoto University of the Arts as our special facilitator. Dr Inoue has international renown as a leading ikebana  philosopher and practitioner with numerous publications on ikebana & Japanese traditional art. If you would like to receive feedback on your work from the expert in this rare occasion, please apply soon. We accept only 8 participants. 

When: 4 pm (Melbourne/Australia Time), 4 July 2020  
How Much: A$15 (Special Offer) 
How to Apply: Please send your expression of interest using our application form by 29 June 2020. If there were more than 8 applicants, we will draw lots to choose 8 participants and send an email explaining how to pay and what the task is with a sample work. 

Zoom 生花道場は、7月4日、京都芸術大学准教授井上治氏をファシリテーターにお迎えします。参加ご希望の方は、6月29日までに所定の申込書をお送りください。ご希望多数の場合、抽選で参加者を決めさせていただきます。当選の方には6月27日までにメールでご連絡いたします。

Dr Osamu Inoue

Dr Inoue is Associate Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts. He is a leading academic in ikebana studies with a number of publications on ikebana and Japanese traditional arts. He is also Professor in Sagagoryu School of Ikebana, and Vice President of the International Society of Ikebana Studies. He has helped Ikebana Gallery Award as a judge since its foundation. He has lectured on ikebana at Monash University, Bauhaus University, Chinese Culture University, and Notthingham Trent University.      

京都芸術大学准教授 井上治