Monthly Ikebana Challenge

Join our facilitator monthly on Zoom for personalized feedback on your ikebana creations.

Participating in this program is akin to becoming part of an ikebana support network. Connect with fellow enthusiasts who share a passion for ikebana.


We usually meet once a month, extending an open invitation to all ikebana practitioners.

You can book and attend any single session. If you wish to join again, simply book another session.

This program is tailored for individuals:

  • Contemplating participation in our 1000 ikebana challenge,
  • Participating in our 1000 ikebana challenge,
  • Seeking additional monthly feedback on their ikebana creations, and 
  • Studying ikebana independently. 


AU$20 per session

Schedule & Booking

Visit our schedule page.

How to Participate

1. Book & pay the fee. 
The fee is non-refundable.
Applications close when fully booked.

2. Receive a Zoom meeting link. You will receive the link immediately after your booking.

3. Submit an image of your work to Ikebana Dojo ( at least 48 hours before the Zoom session.

4. Attend the Zoom session. Benefit from constructive feedback in a friendly atmosphere. Each participant typically receives about 4 minutes. To make the most of your time, prepare specific questions like "Is my main branch too long?”

5. Refine your work based on the feedback from our facilitators.

6. Share an image of your revised work with Ikebana Dojo or our Facebook pages (Ikebana Gallery or 100 Ikebana Challenge). Your work may be published on our website or Ikebana Gallery Facebook page. Please indicate if you prefer not to have it published.


Q: Can I pay for 1 year?
A: No. Book & pay for each session individually. Join whenever convenient; no long-term commitment is necessary.

Q: I am already a member of the 1000 Ikebana Challenge. Can I join this program?
A: Yes. You are welcome to participate. This new program is designed to supplement the 1000 Ikebana Challenge and to provide more frequent interactions.

Q: What type of ikebana work should I create?
A: Any ikebana creation you envision. When time is limited, even a small arrangement with a single flower and leaf suffices.

Q: Can I join this program while participating in the Ikebana Aesthetics Program?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I receive a certificate for participating in this program?
A: No unless you are a participant of 1000 Ikebana Challenge. Utilize this program to complement your studies of Ikebana or our courses (the Ikebana Aesthetics Program and the 1000 Ikebana Challenge).

Q: Can I receive a refund or credit if I miss the session?
No. However, if you request cancellation 48 hours before the session, you can reschedule. Also, you can request to record a section of a Zoom session during which we review your work