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Participants' works Level 3:4 Lines X Pattern (29 October 2022)

Before and After

Beyond Ikebana Elements Level 3:4 Lines X Pattern (29 October 2022)

Always remember that you are aiming to go beyond simply designing an ikebana work to create ikebana through meditation. Following the three-step learning model is recommended: start with a small aspect of design (Line X Pattern in this session), think of all aspect…

Participants Works: Level 3.3  Line X Contrast - 1 October 2022

Before and After

Line 3.2 Line x Movement Participants' works 24 September 2022

Before and After I adjusted the angle of my upright branch and shortened my second branch. And I “borrowed” lantana to rebuild my mass. It turns out lantana is very difficult to work with. It’s branches are almost like Velcro and don’t adjust easily. And the blossoms …