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Participants' Works - Master's Class with Mr Katayama

Zoom Ikebana Dojo welcomed Mr Katayama, internationally renowned ikebana master on 26 Jan 2021. His sessions were fully booked and we all enjoyed his inspiring feedback. Thank you Mr Katayama for such a wonderful learning experience.      BEFORE AFTER

Line 2

Topic: Line 2 Ikebana Aesthetics Program - Four Ikebana Elements Level 2 Learn about the four Ikebana elements online from February 2021. Beginners welcome.  日本からのご参加歓迎いたします。 Video Tutorial : Available shortly. Please follow  our site  or subscribe to our  YouTube Chan…

Participants' Work - Massed From & Lines

Participants works for January Special Program Task for Session 1 :   16 January 2021 AFTER BEFORE

Four Ikebana Elements - Level 2

We will learn basic Nageire styles in this series, Four Ikebana Elements (4 sessions).  Book Now We focus on the basic styles in level 2 in our Ikebana Aesthetics Program (8 sessions). We will start freestyles again in level 3.

Our Schedule for 2021 - Update

A Happy New Year. Thank you for your support for Zoom Ikebana Dojo.  Here is our next schedule; January Special Program with Mr Katayama Zoom Ikebana Dojo is delighted to welcome an internationally renowned Ikebana master, Mr Katayama (Sogetsu School). All welcome to…