Learn about the four Ikebana principles online in November & December 2020. Beginners welcome.

Topic: Four Ikebana Principles 2 (Ikebana Aesthetics Program)

Four Ikebana Principles Level 1 was introduction of 4 principles, focusing on how to use those principles in basic and simple free style ikebana. Now we look at how those principles are used in classic basic styles. This series of sessions is ideal for beginners as well as advanced practitioners who would like to master the essence of ikebana aesthetics and teach poetic ikebana effectively. Learn how to create poetic basic styles so that you can create poetic free styles.    

When: Join anytime, using our booking calendar.

FacilitatorsShoso Shimbo & Shoan Lo 

Who can join: Anyone, regardless of ikebana school, stage of learning or country of residence. Beginners welcome. You must be familiar with Zoom. Sessions will be conducted in English. 

How many: Up to 7 persons 

How much: Aus $40. Pay by bank transfer (within Australia) or credit card or Paypal. 

Task: Tasks will be published in this site. Please follow the site by email.

How to Join

Step 1 - Book & Pay

(1) Book from our Booking Calendar. Please check our cancellation policy.  

(2) Please visit our orientation page for more practical advice on how to use Ikebana Dojo. Ikebana Dojo differs from usual workshops. It requires you to read, prepare, participate & rework. Our Zoom session offers important but only partial support to your learning process.     

(3) You will receive an email of invitation to the Zoom session & session notes on how to make our sample work. If you didn't, check your email address first.

Step 3 - Get Ready

(4) Do your assignment. Make your ikebana work before the session. 

(5) Take a photo of your work (less than 0.5 Meg.) and send to ikebana.dojo@gmail.com at least 24 hours before the session starts if you want detailed feedback.

(6) Alternatively, you can share the photo of your work during the session. Find a way to share your file using Zoom.

Step 4 - Join Dojo

(7) Join the session. Prepare your work and its photo. 
03:55 PM Australia/Melbourne: Please join the session, and check your connection etc.
04:00 PM Australia/Melbourne: Let’s start session together. 
04:30 PM Australia/Melbourne: Session closes

(8) Enjoy show and tell by other students before and after your own presentation. Group interaction is helpful for your learning. Works by others can inspire you. 

Step 5 - Rework

(9) Share a photo of your work to Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page. See how to apply for Ikebana Gallery Award if you are a student. 

(10) If you would like to join Zoom Ikebana Dojo again, please visit our pages on Ikebana Aesthetics Program or Special Program.