Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials and videos. I have truly enjoyed studying them! The class on March 6 was fantastic. I made lots of notes and I have been spending some time thinking about ways to create gum nuts out of crepe paper.

I have been making crepe paper flowers for about 4 years now - primarily for personal enjoyment, to give as gifts and the occasional family wedding. In February I got a wild idea and I reached out to a few art galleries in my area. The National Oregon/California Trail Center in my community replied quickly that they had booked a show for their upstairs gallery on Moroccan rugs for this summer but it had just canceled. They were interested in showing my flowers if I would provide some historical background for the craft to accompany them. While we are in a remote and sparsely populated area of Idaho we get a lot of summer tourist traffic because of proximity to Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park.


As I am preparing and planning what items to show when I set up at the end of April, I was hoping to show some flowers arranged in the Ikebana style I have been studying and maybe include some of the history of the artform. Would it be acceptable to refer to Zoom Ikebana Dojo in my item descriptions? 

Yes, of course!

Either way I’ll see you in April for the next class. Thanks for releasing some details early. Roses take a couple hours each to create so I need a little lead time to be prepared. I’ll start working on them now so they are ready to arrange when further instruction is available. 

Thanks again! 



Next to my attempt at a Rikka style arrangement in Case 2 you can see the Ikebana Dojo logo. Here’s a closeup so you can see two of the three surprises I hid in the arrangement where I tried to focus on local flora and fauna such as sage brush, hollyhock, cat tails, thistles and yes, dandelion.  Took a while to figure out how to do a decent representation of bark on the sage brush.