We received a few messages from our participants. Thank you. 

Hello...I am attaching a couple photos of my "balance" arrangement reworked from the zoom session...recommendations were to face the tall leaf more forward and place the alstroemeria flowers closer to the crystal vase. The first photo is the original arrangement for comparison. Totally enjoyed this lesson and the zoom meeting! Looking forward to the next lessons! Thank You

Thank you so much for the feedback today. It was great to see other’s work and take on board the comments and suggestions. I learnt so much listening to feedback, not only for my ikebana, but also the others. I noticed the two yellow carnations in another’s work and made changes to my ikebana based on that feedback. I had to work fast today because the flowers are wilting quickly and the angophora flowers are shrivelling in the heat and humidity.

I am so happy with the arrangement now. I can feel the dance of the flowers and eucalypt leaves, and I can see the improvement since I “closed the gap”. My ikebana now feels serene yet vibrant, and I still enjoy the falling petal and sense of ephemeral beauty. Thanks so much - can’t wait till next time.

Our next term for beginners (Four Elements 1) will start from 5 March 2022. Visit our Schedule page for the details.   

Before & After