This is the second half of our Level 3 (4 sessions). We welcome new participants with some ikebana experience. Not for beginners. Learn outhodox ikebana so that you can teach ikebana as meditation. 


1. Completion of Ikebana Dojo Level 1 & 2.
2. Equivalent knowledge and experience to our Level 1 & 2 in ikebana.

Please note that Ikebana Dojo Level 3 is not a normal online course and is specifically for advanced students of ikebana. It is designed to be an aid to individual learning rather than a comprehensive learning program. Participants are expected to be proactive and complete homework in every session.     

Please visit our curriculumhow to use Zoom Ikebana Dojo & booking page.   
Also our post on How to Learn Ikebana was for those who wish to join our Level 3.