Before & After 

Thank you very much for your critique and explanation submission for our most recent class.  Please accept my revised submission.  I added two more loops, allowing two loops to extend Blythe vase.  Although it wasn’t pointed out, I also increased contrast and density with the addition of fine leafed asparagus fern.  Perhaps it is now too much? Thank you very much, Barbara

Hello...Thank You for this was an interesting learning experience of becoming aware of "density" in our arrangements.  Here are a couple views of my revised arrangement using the split amaryllis leaves along with the two pink roses and alstroemeria.  

Per your recommendations I repositioned some of the leaves to come over the flowers making the arrangement more unified.  I also moved the position of the two roses and took away some of the original alstromeria.  I tried putting in a longer amaryllis leaf on the left side as was suggested but that did not work out...the leaf wouldn't hold a longer extended position.  Thanks again...Cristy

Please find my resubmission for this week's lesson. The iris and the flowers were even more tricky to work with so I had to rearrange it and cut some so they would stand up tall, but I think I managed to capture the feedback without starting all over again. I reworked it a few times but I think it would have been good if I had more iris so I could reshape them and perhaps add one more.