Before & After 

Please find my reworked submission. I have tried to bunch the flower material closer together and make the triangular space between the vine more narrow, as well as bringing the height of the triangle higher. The vine was quite tricky to work with because I didn’t want to lose the leaves that I had left on the vine. I was particularly concerned about the bottom leaves because I felt it created more balance to have them near the base. They’re only  just having on now by a small thread - but I’m happy I could  save them. Thank you for your feedback, this meditation was a challenging one. 

I created a different branch that is a little more substantial and tried to make a more organic or random shape. I just grabbed the branch I squished it. It was either that or throw it up in the air and then step on it. 😉 I also tried something new with a different bark treatment and making little buds. 


Thank you for the great ideas and continued encouragement. I really appreciate the concrete and actionable feedback.


Please let me know if the 1,000 day challenge would be open to me including certificates with my created flowers. Knowing this information would help me in my decision making process. I’ve even been thinking because my flowers don’t die, it could be interesting to see how many different arrangements I could do with one particular flower. While researching the monk training this is based on, I came across this quote, “If you commit to nothing, you’re distracted by everything.“ The commitment is intimidating but then if I don’t commit to something… anyway, please let me know. - You may gain very individual insight into ikebana. If you can agree with our conditions, please join 1000 Ikebana Challenge. are three attempts of revising my arrangement...repositioning one Kiwi vine in different ways. I also ruffled up the Baby's Breath so it isn't so even, opened up the right side of the vase and brought the Baby's Breath over the rim a bit more.  I really have no idea if any of these work successfully.  C.  - Well done!