Before & After

                    Please accept my revisions. 
I increased the mass on both sides.  I thinned my branches. I added a complementary leaf at a different angle from the leaf in the right. 
I should have taken notes!  Thank you so much for offering these wonderful classes!

Hello...Thank You for our session on "space".  Here is my revised arrangement hopefully incorporating what I can remember of your suggestions of removing the yellow ranunculus and changing the number and position of the tulips.  I opened up the three tulips to create a bolder statement.  I like how the yellow centers of the tulips compliment the little stripes of yellow on the iris. Thank You.

Please see attached my ikebana with changes made following the lesson.

- Royal Cape
- Milkwort 

- Bigger gap between oases 
- Lower mass of blue flowers
- Tall crossing blue flower over gap
- Trim leaves
- Tighter/stronger base of flowers
- Add some more blue flowers

My changes:
- Messier arrangement of blue flowers like the painting :)


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