Before & After

I find the revisions was a little difficult as I chose plant material that had thin stems so I had to replace Hikae but I think it’s now a bit short.
I think I have captured all of the feedback and agree it is much more balanced with filler materials.
Thank you for another great session.

Hello...Thank You for another inspiring Ikebana Dojo session!  Truly enjoy seeing each other's arrangements and how we can make our improvements!

Here is my revised "Balance 2" arrangement...trimmed some of the leafy stems off to create better lines (maybe could trim out more?)...tried to create more of a "s" curve to the Soe the daffodils so not in a straight line on top of each other.

Thank you so much for letting us know about these additional opportunities with ikebana. I really appreciate how kind and welcoming you are to new comers. You really make me feel part of a community.

Attached is my reworked 2.1 assignment. I chose the large hibiscus flower because I had been pondering your comment about having a main character and supporting character.

I stripped most of the eucalyptus leaves off. My gerber daisy had three more blossoms but only about an inch or so longer than the original. But I love the color! In the second picture, the mums have longer stems but the dark color doesn’t show up well. The small lavender mums were in the first submission but werelost in all the eucalyptus leaves. I left them in the arrangement. 
Thank you for allowing to advance to the level 2 classes. I will work harder to keep all the principles in mind. 

Thank you for inspiring Ikenana session. Seeing the arrangement of other and learning from others is really useful.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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