Thank you for joining 1000 Ikebana Challenge, one of the hardest ikebana courses in the world.  

I’d like to share some of my thoughts after our first session. Firstly, it was great to see so many people working hard on their ikebana. But I had the feeling that some of you would benefit from revisiting the basics of ikebana to ensure that your works have a strong foundation in the core principles of ikebana. I am aware that this might not be a popular comment, but please give it some thought. I believe that you can never become a true master without really mastering the basics. There’s always something new to learn from practising basic styles, no matter how experienced you may be.

Before we meet in our next session, please consider including some exercises based on your basic ikebana text books or the Four Ikebana Principles & Four Ikebana Elements from the Ikebana Aesthetics Program by Zoom Ikebana Dojo.  

Refer to FAQ: 1000 Ikebana Challenge if you have any question.  

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Shoso Shimbo, Ikebana Dojo