I trimmed off the maple leaves to open up the branch line and minimize having two areas of mass between the leaves and the flowers.  I also took away a couple of the maple leaves to the right of the flowers.

I have to admit I was apprehensive to trim away the maple leaves but I can see now the lesson of creating line.

It was so great to see other cheerful faces that love flowers too. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to get together and learn together.

I tried to increase the proportion of yellow seen as well as swap out one of the morning glories for a bud to decrease the amount of purple. Hopefully that is closer to the desirable 75/25 proportion. I also shortened the vine in the back and placed it further to the right as suggested.

I replaced branch 1  with a curly willow branch. My photography does not capture the branch well but the bottom of the branch is about 2 inches above the table top. I adjusted branch 3 to 80 degrees.  I adjusted the height of the 2 back liatris. I attempted to reduce the impact/proportion of the yellow roses by 1) removing 25-30% of the petals. They were even larger since the blossoms were opening up, 2) lowering them in the arrangement, 3) adding more purple stock filler. By adding more filler I lost some of the open space at the top of the vase.