Zoom Ikebana Dojo presents two programs, Ikebana Aesthetics Program and Ikebana Dojo Special Program.    

Features - Ikebana Aesthetics Program 

1. Beginners Welcome. This program can also be a great supplement for those who are studying ikebana now, or for those who would like to teach ikebana effectively.  

2. New Curriculum: This program is based on modern ikebana curriculum, but it has an approach in common with a classic ikebana text written in the16th century.   

        Four Principles - Balance, Movement, Contrast, Pattern   

        Four Elements - Line, Form, Space, Colour 


3. Unique Approach: Move from Basic freestyle arrangements to Classic basic styles to Advanced freestyle arrangements. It will help you achieve your goals quickly and is easy to follow. 

4. Active Approach: This program encourages you to do practice. Just watching or reading resources is not enough to acquire ikebana.   

5. A Learning Program with Many Free Resources:

Step 1: A free short essay, "Introduction to Ikebana Aesthetics"  by Dr Shoso Shimbo (Available shortly in English & Japanese) . Our page, Ikebana beyond Aesthetics, contains a list of publications by Dr Shoso Shimbo.   

Step 2: Free information and/or videos for each task are available on this website. They will explain the topic of the task, and how to make the sample work. Learn how easy it is to transform theory into practice in ikebana.

Step 3: Make your own work. You don't need to copy the sample. You are free to make your own work according to the specified topic.  

Step 4 (a): Join a Zoom Ikebana Dojo for a small fee to receive expert feedback and support. See how to join page

Step 4 (b): Send a photo of your work to ikebana.dojo@gmail.com. Our facilitator will annotate on your photo with a small fee. Contact us for more details. 

Step 5: Make adjustments to your work after your Zoom session. Send a photo of your work to Ikebana Gallery Award, a free online ikebana competition.  

6. Flexible. No Lock-in Contract: You can join any session at any time, as long as there is space in the class. You can try just one class or go through all the 24 sessions to receive our facilitator certificate which may be useful if you want to run your own sessions (you have to have an ikebana teaching certificate from an established ikebana school). Our advanced facilitator certificate allows you to use our curriculum in your own sessions.       

How to join Ikebana Aesthetic Program 

Orientation - More practical advice on how to use Ikebana Dojo