Zoom Ikebana Dojo - Ikebana Aesthetics Program

Q: What does Dojo mean?
A: Dojo: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/dojo

Q: How do I use Zoom? 
A: Zoom: https://zoom.us/
There are also many YouTube videos to show you how to use it. 

Q: What can I do to maximise my experience with Ikebana Dojo?  
A: Ikebana Dojo is different from conventional ikebana workshops. Please visit our orientation page for more practical advice on how to use Ikebana Dojo.   
Q: Can I cancel my booking? 
A: Yes. You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours prior to the term (usually 4 sessions) starts. To cancel your booking, please send an email with your booking details (name & date of the class to cancel) to ikebana.dojo@gmail.com.

Although Ikebana Dojo does not charge a cancellation fee, the administration fees related to your booking will be deducted: Stripe (1.75% + AU$0.30), Smoothbook (1.5%) and Government tax. You will be refunded through Stripe in accordance with their conditions.

Q: I missed one session during the term. Can I get refund? 
A: No. To maintain our low fee for limited number of participants and to minimise our administration costs, we don't refund after the term starts like many other online courses. However, we will give feedback to your work if you send us the photo of your work by the end of the term. Although our program is short, each session contains so much information. It is more beneficial to complete all of your tasks based on our task instruction without skipping any.  

Q: Can I join only 2 sessions out of 4 sessions? 
A: Please send us an email before you book. We may accept you only when there is a space. Our price of $60 for 4 sessions is a package price with some discount. Each session costs $25. If you want to join only 2 sessions in the term, your fee is $50. The booking system we are using may allow you to book individually, but please don't do so.