Join an online learning community using Zoom. Roughly based on the cooperative learning method, this project is to support your ikebana study, in particular, if you are studying alone. This is ideal for many people who are working in isolation. Meet ikebana friends around the world.

Under our special program, you will have special opportunities to learn directory from international ikebana masters. 

The Main Points

Goal: Learn how to create “poetry” in Ikebana. What is poetry in Ikebana? It is the life of ikebana. It is the essence of ikebana. It can be achieved only when humans and nature interact harmoniously.

Who can join?: Anyone, regardless ikebana school, stage of learning (except beginners) or country of residence. 
You have to have basic knowledge and skills of ikebana. Also you have to be familiar with Zoom. 
Sessions will be conducted in English or Japanese. 
If you have no experience in ikebana, please join our Ikebana Aesthetics Program. 

Task: You will be given a sample work. Steal or copy the “poetry” of the sample work. You can try to copy it in every detail (this is an effective traditional teaching method) or interpret the essence of the sample in your own way to create your original work. There may be some variations for the type of task.

Time: See our schedule page. Our special programs will be scheduled a few times a year.

Fee: Pay by credit card or Paypal or bank transfer (within Australia). Price will differ when we have a special facilitator.


1. Book from our schedule page. Please check the contents of the program before you pay. 

2. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you an email of invitation to the session. 
Please visit our orientation page for more practical advice on how to use Ikebana Dojo.   
3. Make your ikebana work according to the task instructions before the session.

Take a photo of your work (less than 0.5 Meg.) and send to ikebana.dojo@gmail.com at least 24 hours before the session starts if you want detailed feedback.

4. Join the session. Prepare your work and its photo.

5. Each person has about 4 min for show & tell, and feedback from our facilitator and other students. Our facilitator will make comments on your photo. You may adjust your work during or after your show & tell.

Some helpful advice for your Ikebana Dojo experience:
a. Your self introduction should be brief. If you talk too much, you will not give much time for your facilitator to give you advice.

b. You may prepare One Specific Question about your work. You may want to receive as much advice as possible from your facilitator, but remember you are sharing this opportunity with others. Your time is limited. If you really work hard, you will come up with a question that you really want to ask. “Is this branch too long?” “Did I use too much red flower?” - these are good examples and will help your study. You can include such a question when you send us a photo of your work.

6. Enjoy show & tell by other students before & after your own presentation. Group interaction is helpful for your learning. Works by others can inspire you.

7. Share a photo of your work to Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page. See how to apply Ikebana Gallery Award.

8. A digital certificate of achievement will be issued on request after completing 24 sessions and passing an assessment task on your 24th session. In addition we will certify you as an Ikebana Dojo Facilitator Grade 1, if you have been certified as an ikebana teacher from any established ikebana school.