A New Ikebana Resource Page

We are pleased to inform you that we added a new page about Ikebana Resources in our website. Many introductory essays to Ikebana by Dr Shoso Shimbo are listed here. This page may encourage you to study Ikebana further. Ikebana Beyond Aesthetics

Contrast 1 - Video

Visit task page on Contrast 1. Join Ikebana Dojo about this topic on 18 July 2020.

Contrast 1 - Task, 18 July 2020

Topic: Contrast 1 Ikebana Aesthetics Program - Zoom Ikebana Dojo   ⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦ Video Tutorial : Please follow our site or subscribe our Youtube Channel .   ⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦⬦ Contrast is just like Wasabi in Japanese cuisine. Ikebana without contra…

Our New Domain

Our new domain is www. ikebanadojo.org . Hope it will be easy for you to find Zoom Ikebana Dojo. Please follow us by Email (See the right column).

Movement 1 with Dr Inoue

We had a great Ikebana Dojo session with Dr Inoue , Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Arts on 4 July 2020. Our topic was Movement 1 . Above works were remade after the session by some of our participants. Their original works are below. See how much they improve…

Movement 1 - Video

Visit our Task Page  on Movement 1. JOIN

Movement 1 - Task

Topic: Movement 1 Ikebana Aesthetics Program - Zoom Ikebana Dojo  ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ ⬦ Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Hjg94c_wjk4 . Please follow our site by Email or subscribe our Youtube Channel.    News: Dr Inoue , Associate Professo…

Participants' Works: Balance 1

Akemi  Akemi  Karen  Thank you for joining Ikebana Dojo, Ikebana Aesthetics Program. This program is based on our new curriculum.  Ikebana Aesthetic Curriculum Task information for Balance 1 Follow our website by Email Subscribe Ikebana Dojo Youtube Channel

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Balance 1 - Video

Video tutorial for our session on 20 June 2020.  Watch, try & get feedback! How to join?   See our post about our session on 20 June 2020. What is Balance 1?   Our program is based on the Dojo Curriculum .