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Topic: Line 2 Ikebana Aesthetics Program - Zoom Ikebana Dojo Learn about the four Ikebana elements online from February 2021. Beginners welcome.  日本からのご参加歓迎いたします。 Video Tutorial : Available shortly. Please follow  our site  or subscribe to our  YouTube Channel . When…

Participants' Work - Massed From & Lines

Participants works for January Special Program Task for Session 1 :   16 January 2021 AFTER BEFORE

Four Ikebana Elements - Level 2

We will learn basic Nageire styles in this series, Four Ikebana Elements (4 sessions).  Book Now We focus on the basic styles in level 2 in our Ikebana Aesthetics Program (8 sessions). We will start freestyles again in level 3.

Our Schedule for 2021 - Update

A Happy New Year. Thank you for your support for Zoom Ikebana Dojo.  Here is our next schedule; January Special Program with Mr Katayama Zoom Ikebana Dojo is delighted to welcome an internationally renowned Ikebana master, Mr Katayama (Sogetsu School). All welcome to…