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FAQ: 1000 Ikebana Challenge

We received another question regarding 1000 Ikebana Challenge . This is our message to all of those who are about to start the challenge.   Q: I have no idea about what kind   of   ikebana to make everyday.  A: Just relax and enjoy   yourself   until you find your ow…

Ikebana Dojo Level 2.4 - Pattern 2 Participants works.

Four Ikebana Elements Level 2.5 - Line 2

Topic: Line 2 Ikebana Aesthetics Program -  Four Ikebana Elements Level 2 Learn about the four Ikebana elements online from July 2022. Beginners welcome.  日本からのご参加歓迎いたします。 Video Tutorial : Please follow  our site  or subscribe to our  YouTube Channel . When :  (Melbo…

Ikebana Dojo Participant's Feature - Christine Lake

We are so glad to receive these photos from Christine Lake and know that our Programs have helped her to make poetry in her paper art. "Three of my arrangements were selected to be shown at an art show in Virginia in July and August! It was the “National Juried Pa…

1000 Ikebana Challenge

Arguably the hardest ikebana course in the world. About 1000 Ikebana Challenge How to Join - New Timetable Q & A

Level 2.4 : Pattern 2 Ikebana Dojo Participants' works

Before and After  I removed the golden rod, reduced the number of mums, removed one stalk of the purple flowers and added one more fern leaf. Thank you so much for your critique.

Level 2.4 : Pattern 2 (18 June 2022)

Pattern 2 - Task Ikebana Aesthetics Program - Zoom Ikebana Dojo   Video Tutorial : See top. Please follow  our site  or subscribe to our  Youtube Channel .  When :  18 June 2022: 14:00 - 14:30, Patterns 2  Fully Booked Book Now   for   Four Ikebana Elements, Level …