1000 Ikebana Challenge

The program starts from January every year. Participants are required to make 28 ikebana works in one month for 3 years. They make 336 works in one year and 1008 works in 3 years. 

We meet participants online usually in the 3rd weekend of March, June, September and December every year to support their progress. We also welcome new participants in July. Applications are now open for the July 2023 intake.  

Fees (2022) 

Aus $80 for 1 year (4 Zoom sessions) - Book & pay online.  

Aus $240 for 3 years (12 Zoom sessions) - Email to ikebana.dojo@gmail.com


Hana Gyoja Grade 1 (after completing 336 works) 

Hana Gyoja Grade 2 (after completing 672 works)

Hana Ajari (after completing 1008 works & Ikebana Aesthetics Program Level 3) 

Digital certificates are issued on request. A digital logo for Hana Gyoja is available for your posts for social media. 

How to Participate

1. Read "About 1000 Ikebana Challenge", FAQOrientation to Zoom Ikebana Dojo, and Ikebana: A Flower Arrangement in Search of Poetry (Garland Magazine, #24, 2021).

2. Apply & pay the fee. The fee is non refundable. 

Application period: 

1 to 30 December for January Intake.

1 to 30 June for July Intake.

Application closes prior to closing date if fully booked. 

3. Receive an email of acceptance. It contains links to our four Zoom meetings and access to the form to record your progress. Your record will be assessed in issuing a certificate. 

4. Send the image of your work to Ikebana Dojo (ikebana.dojo@gmail.com) at least 48 hours prior to the Zoom session.

5. Join the zoom session. Enjoy our friendly feedback.

6. Rework after feedback from our facilitators.   

7. Send an image of your revised work to ikebana Dojo. Certificates will not be issued without your revised work. We may publish your work. Please advise if you don’t wish us to publish your work.  


Visit About 1000 Ikebana Challenge page & FAQ page. 

Visit Schedule page for the dates of our dojo sessions.